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Music Production: Crafting an Award-Worthy Song

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Building Your Audience for Music Professionals

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  • “Joining the GRAMMY GO music production course transformed the way I approach the studio. The module on mixing alone has sharpened my skills exponentially. My latest tracks have a polish I never thought I could achieve on my own. This is the best decision I’ve made for my music career!”

    Alex M., Aspiring Producer

  • “The production techniques I’ve learned from GRAMMY GO’s industry pros have taken my beats from bedroom demos to radio-ready. I was particularly amazed by the session on mastering – it felt like a veil was lifted off my ears. Highly recommend for any serious up-and-comers!”

    Jamie L., Beatmaker and Producer

  • “I always thought I just needed good music to get noticed, but GRAMMY GO’s course on music promotion taught me how branding is just as crucial. The strategies on building an authentic brand have helped me gain a following that genuinely connects with my vision.”

    Casey R., Singer-Songwriter

  • “Building an audience seemed daunting until I took GRAMMY GO’s course. The lessons from GRAMMY-winning artists on engaging fans and creating buzz are priceless. It’s more than promotion; it’s about creating a movement around your music, and that’s exactly what I’m doing now!”

    Sam T., Independent Artist

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GRAMMY GO™ is the first creator-to-creator learning platform developed by the Recording Academy. It serves as a vibrant, diverse, and global community aimed at empowering the next generation of music professionals. This platform provides access to practical, up-to-the-moment coursework and content, featuring the wisdom and experience of GRAMMY winners and nominees, Recording Academy members, and seasoned industry professionals. GRAMMY GO’s debut learning products are now available on Coursera, offering an opportunity for anyone aspiring to build a future in the music industry to learn from those who are actively shaping the industry of tomorrow.

Yes, GRAMMY GO courses are available on Coursera. “Building Your Audience for Music Professionals” is available now. “Music Production: Crafting an Award-Worthy Song” is coming Summer 2024.

The “Building Your Audience for Music Professionals” course is led by Joey Harris, international music/marketing executive. It features renowned industry figures such as Jimmy Jam, a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee and five-time GRAMMY winner; Janelle Monáe, a 10-time GRAMMY nominee; and Victoria Monét, a three-time GRAMMY winner. The upcoming course “Music Production: Crafting An Award-Worthy Song” will be taught by Carolyn Malachi, a Howard University professor and GRAMMY nominee. Featured guests include GRAMMY winner Cirkut, three-time GRAMMY winner Hit-Boy, celebrity vocal coach Stevie Mackey, five-time GRAMMY nominee and Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason jr., and 15-time GRAMMY winner Judith Sherman.

No prior experience is required to join a GRAMMY GO course. These specializations are designed to accommodate individuals at various stages of their music career, whether you are just starting out or looking to deepen your expertise. The courses are particularly beneficial for emerging music producers, aspiring artists, technicians, managers, producers, promoters, and established industry professionals. The programs use a DAW-agnostic approach, which means they are accessible to learners regardless of the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) they use, allowing everyone to fully participate and apply the lessons to any production environment.

The GRAMMY GO courses are available on Coursera through a subscription model priced at $50 per month. The complete specialization consists of three courses, which are designed to be completed over a three-month period with an estimated commitment of three hours per week. Consequently, the total cost for completing the entire specialization is approximately $150. This subscription not only gives you access to all three courses but also to a range of other resources and materials provided on the platform during your subscription period.

The GRAMMY GO specializations consist of three courses, each designed to be completed within a three-month period, with a weekly time commitment of approximately three hours.

Yes, GRAMMY GO courses are designed to fit your schedule, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

To participate in the GRAMMY GO courses, you will need a reliable internet connection to access the course materials on Coursera. Additionally, since the Music Production specialization is DAW-agnostic, you should have access to any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) you are comfortable using to complete the practical components of the music courses. It’s also recommended to have a computer capable of running your chosen DAW smoothly, along with basic peripherals like headphones or speakers for audio production and analysis tasks.

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