Music Production: Crafting an Award-Worthy Song

About this Class

The “Music Production: Crafting an Award-Worthy Song” Specialization offers a transformative journey designed to enhance your growth as a music producer. Whether you are an aspiring producer or an established professional, this comprehensive program, led by experts like Howard University professor and GRAMMY nominee Carolyn Malachi, will strengthen your technological and audio skills, boost your artistic confidence, and cultivate your leadership within the music industry.

This specialization features insights from top figures in the industry including GRAMMY winner Cirkut, three-time GRAMMY winner Hit-Boy, artist and celebrity vocal coach Stevie Mackey, five-time GRAMMY nominee and Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr., and 15-time GRAMMY winner Judith Sherman. The program offers a unique blend of theoretical insights and practical application, enabling you to create music that could stand out in any award lineup.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Fundamentals of Sound Production: Gain a fundamental understanding of sound theory, the language of sound, and the essential tools for production.
  • Analytical Skills for Excellence: Learn to critically analyze top-notch productions to understand the benchmarks of excellence in the music industry.
  • Continuous Creative Process: Engage in a continuous process of creating, refining, and recreating a song, applying learned skills and techniques throughout your journey.
  • Effective Communication in Production: Develop strategies to effectively communicate using the language of production, fostering meaningful interactions with fellow producers, artists, and industry colleagues.

Who It’s For:

This specialization is ideal for individuals in the music industry who are dedicated to elevating their production skills and achieving recognition in their field. It is particularly beneficial for:

  • Emerging Music Producers: Looking to refine their craft and engage with a broader professional community.
  • Aspiring Artists and Technicians: Seeking to develop a deep understanding of music production and sound design.
  • Industry Professionals: Aiming to enhance their technological prowess and leadership skills in the music production arena.

Embark on this comprehensive educational journey, utilizing a DAW-agnostic approach that ensures regardless of your preferred Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), you’ll be able to fully participate and apply what you learn to any production environment.

Earn a certificate that demonstrates your expertise
-3 course series
-Beginner level
-3 months at 10 hours a week

Learn from GRAMMY winners and nominees
-Flexible schedule
-Go at your own pace

Browse Chapter Plan

  • Producer Role & Identity: Tools & Techniques
  • What Music Producers Do
  • Listening Like an Expert Music Producer
  • Thinking Like an Expert Music Producer
  • Music Production Software and DAWs
  • Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Tips and Tricks
  • Creative Listening for an Artistic Mindset
  • Amplify Creative Expression with Effects Plugins in your DAW
  • Critical Listening to Craft Soundscapes
  • Technical Production
  • Practice Technical Composition
  • Planning for Production

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