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  • Janelle Monáe
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  • Judith Sherman
  • Stevie Mackey
  • Harvey Mason Jr.
  • Joey Harris
  • Carolyn Malachi

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  • “Joining the GRAMMY GO music production course transformed the way I approach the studio. The module on mixing alone has sharpened my skills exponentially. My latest tracks have a polish I never thought I could achieve on my own. This is the best decision I’ve made for my music career!”

    Alex M., Aspiring Producer

  • “The production techniques I’ve learned from GRAMMY GO’s industry pros have taken my beats from bedroom demos to radio-ready. I was particularly amazed by the session on mastering – it felt like a veil was lifted off my ears. Highly recommend for any serious up-and-comers!”

    Jamie L., Beatmaker and Producer

  • “I always thought I just needed good music to get noticed, but GRAMMY GO’s course on music promotion taught me how branding is just as crucial. The strategies on building an authentic brand have helped me gain a following that genuinely connects with my vision.”

    Casey R., Singer-Songwriter

  • “Building an audience seemed daunting until I took GRAMMY GO’s course. The lessons from GRAMMY-winning artists on engaging fans and creating buzz are priceless. It’s more than promotion; it’s about creating a movement around your music, and that’s exactly what I’m doing now!”

    Sam T., Independent Artist

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